Let Nature Be Your Teacher

Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.

– William Wordsworth

So some people think our summer has been and gone now that it’s raining after the glorious sunny week we had. I think it’s just Mother Nature at her best, warming the soil before the April showers so everything gets a fair chance to thrive. I hope I’m not wrong when I say this year there will be bountiful produce from our garden and soon our chickens will be added to our home which I am most looking forward to. Just the finishing touches to the chicken run and put it all together and I’m on the hunt for chickens.

With the sunshine we were outside all the time, walking mostly (especially as T was finding her feet!). On our dog walks my eyes were glued to the ditches looking for any changes from the day before. I noticed how the bright green leaves and shoots were out shadowing the darker, older and worn out foliage. Buds were bulging, their leaves waiting for the day they would burst and be exposed to the air and light surrounding them. And my favourite part was all the lady birds. There wasn’t a bramble or bush that wasn’t housing a few ladybirds.





Colours were peeping out of ditches and lawns like primroses, dandelions and daisies. Brighter and bolder colours contrasted against the bright blue sky.


Reds and Greens in the ditch


Flowers in all shapes and sizes appeared. Tiny blues, pure whites, golden yellows, pretty pinks and purples.

Tiny purple flowers entwined in my garden gate


Magnolia tree

Abi even enjoyed a swim in a nearby stream much to T’s delight

The sun casting a shadow in a mausoleum in the nearby graveyard

And I finally found a pair of wellies, much to everyone’s amusement

After listening to the rain fall for a couple of days, I am truly grateful for it. The grass already looks lush and seedlings have popped up everywhere in my garden. I’m looking forward to seeing what they bring. The grass seed I planted is coming along nicely too, although looking a little thin!

Me and T even went on an adventure and stopped off in Kanturk Castle


T playing with sticks and stones

So, I welcome the rain. After all “Water is the driver of Nature” – Leonardo da Vinci


4 responses to “Let Nature Be Your Teacher

  1. beautiful pics….loved coming on your walk with u!!
    i have been spending lots of time in the garden over the easter break & loving it..cutting back the summer jungle to allow the winter sun in, spreading my beloved straw around & am hoping to get some vegie seedlings in my garden this week. thanks for the inspiration. xxx


  2. Nice seeing all your lovely pics gathered here together with text. I had not seen your new wellies. They are ab fab !


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