Normal Service Has Resumed

It feels like an age since I last blogged. I have had trouble with computers not charging and cameras not mounting on the computer and file types and all sorts of technical difficulties but now I am back!

I haven’t been up to much outside in the garden except enjoying this glorious weather we have had for the last week. I’ve thrown down some grass seed and I am eagerly awaiting for the tiny green shoots to appear. The seed I bought had all kinds of organic this, that and the other and activators in it but it seems like it’s taking forever. I have arranged my raised beds, but have nothing to fill them with as it would cost a small fortune to buy compost and the 5.5t of topsoil that was delivered was nowhere near the amount I had imagined it to be and has only filled one section of uneven ground so we are back to square one.

Topsoil arriving

Topsoil in garden

I have collected some great windows someone wanted to get rid of so now I must sit down and measure them and design some kind of glass house for my tomatoes and I must start collecting pallets for the fence that will be keeping the dogs out of my vegetable patch.

Windows for the new greenhouse

I have had trips to various garden centres and bought some lovely plants, seeds and compost. I have been potting up different seeds and every morning watching them sprout, the courgettes have been my favourite to watch with the seed pinching the leaves together until the leaves become too strong to be held back anymore and off pops the seed.


The magic happening in my cold frame

The weather is changeable today but in a way I’m glad we are having the odd shower, less watering for me!

T “helping”


6 responses to “Normal Service Has Resumed

    • Thanks Jane, sometimes it feels as if there’s those walls right under the soil it’s so rocky. Unfortunately it’s not all garden as the ponies are in it for the winter but we are slowly getting there!


  1. hello sweet limmster – so glad to have mosied over to your blog tonight… u know i have been loving your garden pics on instagram & just want to come help u design & play……it looks like such a magical place where u live… nice to meet people who are so in love with the outdoors & nature, like me….love the pic of T in the wheelbarrow – my little ruby used to fall asleep on a blanket on the grass when she was a bub, so i could enjoy the outdoors…..can’t wait to see more of your garden adventures. I shall definitely be back!! x Julie – Rubyblooms.


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