Courses for Horses

I must make a confession, I haven’t been quite true to my F*cket List of late. My Sunday morning adventures with my camera have gone to pot, I haven’t worn a skirt (it’s been far too cold) and I’m not sure knitting is my thing. So, when my sister sent me on information about a course on ‘Horse Power‘ I pushed all the ‘I’m too shy’ thoughts out of my head and said to myself ‘f*cket, I’ll do it’.

The day was a practical course on everything from learning about the equipment to putting on the equipment to actually ploughing! The cost of the course included lunch, all home made and absolutely delicious.

Henry – Learning to long rein after learning to harness up

Winnie – Long reining in action Long Reining Henry and Winnie as a pair

Henry harnessed to the tipper cart

Off to the manure pile with an empty cart and Bob the dog Off to the garden with a cart full of manure

Henry harnessed to the roller, flattening the lawn and avoiding the chickens!

Henry ready for harrowing!

Sandra and Tim demonstrating ploughing, they made it look so easy!

Filling up the sled with manure to take back to the newly ploughed furrow

Sandra and Tim really welcomed us into their world for the day and I was in my absolute element doing this course. It has really inspired me to move forward with my own projects as I was feeling a little bit stuck for a while. Daphne might never pull a plough but I would certainly be interested in training her as a riding and driving pony. One trip with the tipper cart would have taken me about 10 wheelbarrow loads so I was suitably impressed.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in working horses or farming, I think horses will make a comeback into our farming culture soon.

My project this week is my chicken run, finding some chickens and making a start on some picket fencing. If you would like more information on this course then visit the Horse Power in Ireland website.


3 responses to “Courses for Horses

  1. Aah, it looks like you had a fantastic day. What a brilliant course to do! My mum and I always wanted to train my old pony to drive, but never got round to it other than a bit of long reining. Hope you get the chance to train Daphne!!


  2. Galtee Bee Keepers for North Cork honey. MicheΓ‘l McGiollacuddy at Glengarra is the expert. Liam Rice in Midleton as well.


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