All in Four Afternoons Work

Chuffed. Chuffed and absolutely exhausted and achy. It’s that nice tired, you know the satisfied after a days work tired. By right, I should be fast asleep but I have to share with you the bits I’ve been doing the last few days!

So, I have accomplished more in the garden in the last three days than I have done in the last year. Ok so last year there were reasons (not excuses) like a new baby, gall bladder surgery and a whole pile of junk that eventually got thrown into the back of a trailer and taken to who knows where. And whilst I got a good crop of vegetables last year, I wasn’t satisfied, I wanted more. I love having a clean slate this year and plans and ideas and I just am in love with how it’s coming together. Everyday I find myself inspired to do more.

If you read my previous post Less Talk, More Action then you will be delighted to know I have been all action and I have been slaving away in the garden. My new compost pile is three times bigger than it was Monday having added more horse poop and bark mulch to it. The stick pile has trebled in height and I’ve collected a big trug full of rubbish (including really old sweet wrappers, tins, bottles etc). Wednesday I battled with the brambles for nearly two hours and uncovered another lovely layer of compost so I decided to make a rock bed, and then another and another. There was an old builders fence blocking off a big hole in the wall to stop dogs escaping, that came down along with more brambles and a rambling rose. Behind the fence I found these gorgeous flat stones, they must have come from a pillar, so I piled up some flat-ish rocks and made three little stone tables. And soon my work was done for the day. That evening I called to my parents to borrow some tools to tackle the bramble jungle on the other side of the field.

This morning the ponies greeted me on the wrong side of the fence. They had pulled apart the battery. Again. After an hour walk with my friend, I called back into my parents to drop the battery off for my dad to fix, thinking I would be home within the hour. Instead, I learned how to solder and fixed the battery up by myself, another one of those things to add to my ‘I can do’ list! After a tea break and some lunch and washing my car, I suggested to dad we try out his new toy. A wood chipper. After three hours, we had chipped all the branches and twigs that could be chipped. It was really quite relaxing and good fun. During the woodchipping session I had to take T for a spin in her buggy up the road to help her get to sleep and on the ditch I noticed a big white shiny sink (I’m like a magpie!) and needless to say that sink is now sitting in my hallway waiting to be brought back to life with some plants.

I am finally home and again the ponies were on the wrong side of the fence and after a high speed chase around the field they are back where they belong with a mountain of hay with the newly soldered fencer set up. Tomorrow I will investigate what damage they did exactly to my garden table (it had four legs, now it has one) and get on with some weeding. I really hope tomorrow’s weather was as lovely as it was today.

Log pulling!

Bricks that have been dumped down the road, slowly making their way into my garden

Filled about a gazillion wheelbarrows

First seedlings (although a bit leggy!)

Bramble jungle

Little stone tables

Two new beds

Lester modelling the new rock beds

Epic Bramble root

Pile of brambles (and Lester)

Frog spawn (parent’s pond)

My first bit of soldering

The wood chipper

Sky ❀


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