Less Talk, More Action

As T fell asleep on the couch on this drizzly grey Monday I decided I would not faff about thinking about what I should be doing and instead got on my wellies and headed out to do some work. Outside is my favourite place after all. I felt a bit guilty neglecting the inside of the house but I guess I do have the evenings to put away clothes, wash up and hoover, right?

As I was raking up all the sticks the ponies have scattered, I decided I would set myself a deadline to finish the projects I’m always harping on about doing. I think I need a deadline. I’m all talk at the moment and not enough action, constantly putting up obstacles when really there’s lots I can do without that extra pair of hands or that extra bit of cash I don’t have. So, I need to make a list and what better way to ensure I get it done than to publish it on here so you all know and can bug me about what I’ve done today.

Today, I finally made a new compost heap for the horse poop and raked up all the sticks and bagged ones for the stove and piled up the ones that need to be chopped. So what’s left? As someone advised me earlier; Make a List!

  1. Chop and stack sticks
  2. Clear all the overgrown brambles around the walls
  3. Fix the wire mesh to the wall so the dogs can’t escape
  4. Clear up the future vegetable patch
  5. Move all the rocks
  6. Finish filling the flower bed
  7. Sow some grass seed
  8. Build chicken run

If I can get one of these jobs done every day there will be great progress made. There are one or two jobs that I will need an extra pair of hands for but the most I can get done by myself, after all I am young, fit and healthy and I have no excuses!

And on that note I am off out again to finish what I started earlier as someone has just drifted off to sleep again!


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