Seagulls, seals and sunsets

I’ve not been inspired much lately when it comes to taking pictures. I guess it’s difficult trying to capture the right shot and trying to entertain a 13 month old in a buggy who likes to keep going! My sister took the buggy while we walked the beaches so I didn’t really have much choice as I hate being empty handed.Β  By the time we had walked the second beach (about 20 minutes of procrastinating) I saw a flock of seagulls dipping in and out of the water and I hesitantly took some shots, nothing to get too excited about. On the way back we found a dead baby seal washed up on the beach so that was another few shots (I think people thought I was a bit odd taking pictures of a dead seal pup). But it was only on the way back from tea and cake in the Lemon Leaf in Kinsale that I was bowled over. You’ll see why at the end of the post!

Gulls on the water


Seal with spine

Seal’s bones

I think this was the most epic sunset I’ve ever seen…It started like this


and as we drove towards the bridge this is what we saw





Needless to say I’ve been inspired!


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