Rainy, rainy Saturday. But lovely, lovely Saturday. Started with a walk in the rain with two very unhappy dogs and then feeding three very wet ponies. Then fruit smoothies and porridge for breakfast and play time. Soon it was nap time and when T woke earlier than expected I climbed into bed with her and accidentally fell asleep listening to the rain gently tap on the window. Had lovely dreams too.

An hour later my parents arrived. My mum was to mind T while my dad showed me how to put up shelves. I had already cut the wood (with a circular saw, well chuffed with myself) and painted it.

Then my big sister arrived to mind T while me, dad and mum did some outside work – stick clearing, rock moving, flower bed building out of said rocks, fencing and various other little bits.

Back inside to finish the kitchen shelves which I managed with no gaping holes in the wall, no crooked shelves or broken bones!

I’m totally chuffed with today. Just goes to show what you can get done with a little help. While I do like being on my own mostly, the company was lovely. The feeling of starting something (especially something that’s been on my mind for ages!) makes me very happy. Roll on tomorrow!

Oh Sunday!

I managed to fill the flower bed with soil which kind of went like this: Approximately 22 shovels of soil per barrow, 11 barrow loads, 22 times hopping over the electric fence and 3 equine stalkers wondering what I was up to!



New Flower Rock Bed (which is now full of soil)

I would love some suggestions on what to plant in the bed. I am thinking of a climber for up against the wall (Clematis, Sweet Pea), some Echinacea in the corner? Nasturtium are one of my favourites too. There are litterally so many. What I like about this flower bed is the spaces in between the rocks for succulents and alpines, I especially love Campanula and Lithadora. So it looks like I’m sticking to Cottage Garden flowers!


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