Linked in or Out?

Ok, so I think we all know I have a Social Media addiction. In no particular order. I Facebook, I tweet, I’m an Instagrammer, I Pintrest, I G+ And I eh Link In.

I am pretty much on twitter, Facebook, g+ and instagram all the time. They’re all nice apps, easy to use (Echofon for twitter especially so with handy features like mute hashtag and mute users) and do exactly what it says on the tin. LinkedIn has a special power. It can read minds. I’m sure of it. If I so much as scroll past the app to get to something else, I get an email from them telling me to login because someone I’ve never heard of wants to connect, or someone is viewing my profile or just a general ‘Hey, don’t forget us’. Whilst I like the concept of LinkedIn, I do find both their app and website hard to use. I don’t find it user-friendly. It’s very clumsy, I feel there’s too many things to click which confuses me, it keeps asking me if I want to improve my profile, add dates, where I’m working now. I find it really in your face. And they’ve selected headlines for me. What’s that about? I’ve never used it for more than 20 minutes and that was the very start when I filled out all my details so how do they know what headlines I’ll like?

Or maybe I am just not in the right place for LinkedIn at the moment. My last few jobs were retail and reception/admin andΒ  I guess for those you don’t really need to network. Maybe when I have my own business some day (whether it’s in this life or not) I’ll find it a much more useful tool. So, the million dollar question is should I delete my LinkedIn account? Or take the slightly less dramatic approach and just unsubscribe for bv


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