Absolutely Bats!

Just another regular Saturday evening at our house after a long day in the city. When we got home it was late and someone kindly volunteered to feed the ponies for me. When he pulled on his welly, all I heard was ‘I think there’s a mouse in my boot, I felt something furry and squishy!’. No surprise as the previous evening I thought I had heard a mouse under the stairs. Took the boot out in the front garden and shook it and out came this tiny bat! We weren’t sure if someone’s foot had done any damage so off I went to dig out a cardboard box and some newspapers and we popped the bat in. I called my dad (because he knows everything) and he suggested I ring some wildlife people. After a quick google, I came across Irish Wildlife Matters which has all the information you need if you come across an injured bird or animal (bookmark it!). I spoke with one gentleman who basically told me that I would need to make a bat emporium out using a cardboard box, some sticks (for Mr. Bat to hang upside down) and a concrete block. Ok, so what’s another mouth to feed? He suggested I feed him cat food and meal worms and have some water in there. Oh, and to do this for 4-6 weeks. So my dad offered to take the bat the next day and look after him. Grand. I gave my dad a run down of what was needed and he collected the bat the next day. Monday came and my dad finally got through to Bat Conservation Ireland who told us to warm Mr. Bat up, should take about 20 minutes or until he starts to wriggle and then pop him out on a windowsill and after a couple of minutes he should fly off. When T was in bed, we did just that and after watching Mr. Bat climb around from the windowsill to the wall, he took off into the night (narrowly missing Daphne who was wondering what we were standing around talking to the wall for).

Here is a shot of the little dote. He was exceptionally tiny and exceptionally cute!



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