What’s in a Name?

What is in a name? I have various names, my christened name is Isabella. I absolutely hated my name growing up. People could never pronounce it. Liz-a-belle, Elizabeth, Isobel etc. it was very frustrating for a six year old trying to correct people. The only other Isabelle I met while I was growing up was when we were on holidays in Devon when I was 12. Now every other little girl I meet is called Isabelle.

My immediate family and my closest and oldest friends call me Belle (except my mother who always calls me Isabelle). I’m really particular about who calls me Belle and unless I’ve introduced myself as Belle (or a member of my family has) then stick with Isabelle, for your own sake.

I found that when I lived in England, people automatically shortened my name to Izzy. Which I liked, thought it was quite quirky and nobody had called me that at home but now I’m back, I like Belle.

My blog/twitter handle is my nickname or at least was. We all had nicknames growing up and my dad called me Limmster. I have no idea why or where it came from but I resurrected it recently and it has stuck. A few months back I met someone I had been chatting to on twitterΒ  and they called me Limmster, it was very strange, not having heard it uttered from someone’s mouth in well over 20 years.

My little girl is called Tabitha and my dad calls her Lumpy and that has stuck to my mother’s dismay! I wonder in another 20 odd years will Tabitha’s blog/twitter handle be ‘Lumpy’ or ‘Lumpster’!

A very little Limmster, playing in the dirt. Are you surprised?

4 responses to “What’s in a Name?

  1. I did wonder about your twitter and blog name and the reasons behind it. I love that your dad calls Tabitha Lumpy, that does make me smile. My brother-in-law is in his mid thirties (called Justin) and ever since he was a child he’s been nicknamed ‘Bones’ as when he was a kid he was really skinny and his dad just started calling him that! His family still call him that even now, it was so funny hearing one of his nephews call him Uncle Bones! So you never know, Tabitha may find her Grandads nickname sticks!
    I do think you have a beautiful name by the way, in all it’s forms. xx


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  3. I never really put much taught into my own name , I don’t like it and had no nicknames or pet names either as a child or an adult . The littlest farmers all call me Mam which I prefer to mammy , I don’t like that The Farmer also calls me Mam :(. I think both yours and Tabitha’s names are really nice πŸ™‚


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