Rooster Run

Before I had Tabitha, and while I was pregnant, I did a lot of volunteer work for animal charities. I would go to people’s houses, meet them and basically ensure they werent crazies looking to sacrifice a puppy. I also did a lot of driving animals to their new homes or part way and street collection days. I haven’t been involved in this side of things since just before Tabitha was born so I figured it’s time to start giving back! Sarah from East Galway Animal Rescue (EGAR) needed two Pekin Roosters transported from Gort in Co. Galway to Drimoleague in West Cork. I volunteered me and my polo for the last leg of the journey.

I collected the two birds from another volunteer in Fermoy on Friday night and as it was very late to drive anywhere with T I decided they should stay the night. In my bathroom. Yes, they set up camp in dog crates in my bathroom. One cock-a-doodle-do’d his tiny heart out around 7.30am much to the dismay of the dogs so Lester howled outside and Abi barked and ran around nervously.

That afternoon I packed up the cockerels and headed off to bandon and handed them over to their new home. Now I hear they have settled in quite happily but weren’t impressed with the weather and took themselves straight to bed!

Their new home is a farm, an alpaca farm (West Cork Alpacas). The lady who owns the farm has invited me back when the weather is warmer and drier to come have a look around. I’m really looking forward to it, it looks like an incredible place with lots of animals and nature, two of my favourite things.



One response to “Rooster Run

  1. I keep chuckling at the idea of the chickens in your bathroom, I bet your dogs wondered what on earth was going on! My husband’s aunt and uncle now and again take on rescue chickens. My favourite of theirs is Shirley who is named after Shirley Bassey as she is such a diva (and she randomly loves stealing Bourbon biscuits)! x


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