Like a Hen without an egg…

So as part of my F*cket List I am going to build a chicken coop. I have the hen house already (gifted to me for looking after cats!) so I just need the run part. I have several concerns though, actually only one! The dogs! Abi and Reuben are completely prey driven and I’m sure Reuben thinks he’s a bird sometimes when he just runs and throws himself at the wall.

So what I initially wanted to do was build a permanent run in the corner of our garden (something like this) but with panels maybe 3/4 foot high to stop the dogs from pushing their noses through the wire and freaking the chickens out. I wanted it to be a high run, with a door for easy access for feeding, cleaning etc. The chickens will be allowed free range of the garden except when the dogs need to go for a run about and be tucked up at night in their hen house.

Now my dear father has suggested a moveable run (like this one) as the chickens will destroy the ground in the permanent run very quickly. Which means that it would need to be small and light. Β Panels would be out of the question and the dogs would be hounding them all the time which in turn will stress them out and they won’t lay. Which will defeat the purpose of having hens.

What to do? What to do? What to do?

I really want to make a start on this in the coming weeks, we’re already half way to February. Any suggestions are very welcome!

Abi and the hen house


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