Under the stairs

I decided to give under the stairs a tidy today. Lots of Christmas and Birthday wrapping paper to recycle (next year I’m wrapping everything up in newspaper). I came to the conclusion that my favourite place in our house is under the stairs (I’ve never had stairs before!). I’m sure as all houses, everything gets put there at some stage but it is a permanent home to some of my favourite items. Items which make me smile. It has my gardening basket which is kinda empty at this time of the year except for gardening gloves and some seeds. Then there’s the pony’s stuff; headcollars, brand new with shiny buckles, attached are the leadropes all wound up and ready to go, rugs and a big tin of pony nuts. There’s gardening tools, wellies, watering cans, electric fencing…the list goes on. I would like some shelves to store everything properly and invest in some proper hooks but maybe the nails add character. I did a little photo study of it and here are some of the photos.

Seed Packets


Riding hat, headcollars and bag of bulbs

Frog Watering Can


Gardening Basket

Home is where the Heart is mobile

Watering Can

Ribbon on riding hat

Nails as hooks…


One response to “Under the stairs

  1. How come your under the stairs cupboard of stuff looks quite cool. We don’t have an under the stairs cupboard but if we did it would probably be full of old litter trays, screw drivers, vacuum cleaner and just general boring household crap.

    Oh and please may I have your watering can?

    Much love



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