F*cket List 2012

So I was thinking about all the things I am always wishing I could do but always have an excuse to not do it (probably stemmed from this post) and well this year I’m compiling a f*cket list. Similar to a Bucket List but with an air of ‘Oh f*cket, I’ll just do it’. No humming. No hawing. Just a list which I will be blogging and making sure I finish. I am trying to come up with one for each week but some of the tasks will require a longer period of time than others so I’m going to keep thinking and getting ideas and compiling my list. I’d very much welcome suggestions. I would have to add though that I don’t do heights or anything completely stupid. I just want to do normal things. Some things I may have done before but haven’t in a long time and others I’ve never tried before.

This is what I have so far;

  1. Learn to Knit
  2. Wear a Skirt/Dress once a week
  3. Build a chicken coop
  4. Build my mini veg patch including raised beds
  5. Go somewhere every Sunday morning
  6. Build up my Photo Portfolio
  7. Fly a Kite
  8. Learn Photoshop
  9. Take archery lessons
  10. Bake a Bloomer
  11. Send more post
  12. Go Paddle Boarding
  13. Go Rollerskating
  14. Beach Ride

Only 38 more to think of…


9 responses to “F*cket List 2012

  1. Delighted to see a chicken coop and veg patch on your list!
    How about getting a few coal sacks and sowing some potatoes in them in the Spring?
    If you manage the chicken coop, how about something much smaller for some quail (your friends will be impressed with the eggs!).
    Make your own butter for that Bloomer you’re going to bake.
    I could go on and on..
    Love your list πŸ™‚


    • I love the coal sack for spuds idea. I’ll ask people to save them for me! Quails? Oooh, something different. I have the hen house just need the coop. I’m moving last years veg patch and it’s gonna be a bit of an operation but I adore being outside and doing stuff! And make my own butter? I wouldn’t even know where to start but I’ll google it πŸ™‚


  2. Great idea! As you say there’s several weeks in some if the things on your list. Even by breaking the bigger ones down into smaller parts you’d reach 52!
    Go for it, I look forward to reading how you get on.


    • Thanks a million πŸ™‚ I’m excited about this year seeing as I’ve devoted the last year to my little baby so this year I’m gonna do some things for me. It’s important for her too to see I’m not chained to the house πŸ™‚


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