Nice to meet you…

Thought it was time for you all to to see a little bit more into my life….

The House

This is my house, Rock Lodge, called so because it’s built on Rock making anywhere impossible to dig or fence. Lots of quirks and a friendly but unhelpful poltergeist make this house my home.


The Dogs…

This is Abi, 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier with OCD who will dig holes in walls because of light reflections and will bark and bite the hose when it’s on. She doesn’t do affection but we still love her.


And there is Lester. A terrier x puppy who was found in a bucket, most likely to be drowned. I have spent the last year looking for a home for him but he is here to stay, but I always knew that. He’s a very sweet, affectionate puppy with bundles of energy.


The Horses

This is Daphne, my nearly 4 year old grumpy cob mare. After most of my life wanting a horse, I finally have one and she’s a rescue. She was going to go to a meat factory but instead she walked off the trailer into my life, nervous and unhandled. Now she lets us do most things with her, grooming, leading, rugging etc.


And we have Foaly, Bom’s son (Bom has since gone to a new home as she was needed much more experienced person to handle her). He has a name, but it doesn’t suit him. (why are boys harder to name than girls?). He was born mid April 2011 and is a friendly chap. He’s going to make a lovely pony for T.


That’s all our animals so far. In the Spring I’m hoping to add some chickens once I get the chicken coop started. Name suggestions are welcome for the ladies. I can’t wait to hear that familiar sounds of clucking, a sound I remember so well from my childhood.Β I wish we could have ducks but I don’t fancy the chances of digging a pond out the back!


8 responses to “Nice to meet you…

    • I love our house too and the space out the back is great. You can of course come and live with us. We’d love to have you πŸ™‚ You can bring your hubs too (seeing as he brings Dominos home quite a bit ;))x


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