Approximately 19 hours ago, at 4.40am I woke from the shallow depths of sleep. Although nowhere near fully rested my mind woke as if someone had placed a wire directly from my heart to my head. It hasn’t stopped since. My mind is trying to make sense of something, but the pieces aren’t quite fitting together and I can’t make out the final picture. Everyone has their own interpretation of words, I just can’t decide what’s mine. I lay awake, only aware of my own breathing until 7.15am, when T thought it was time to get up. My body, although tired was aching to get up, to explore. Of course ice and darkness don’t go well together so I sat expectantly waiting for the first tell tale light of the day.

I walked over a mile before the sun graced us with her presence. It was like she mirrored my mind. Bursting with light and energy. It was the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever witnessed. All the way home it felt like I was the only person in the world, the only person drinking in this beauty, the only person admiring our world.

I’m exhausted now but excited. Excited for tomorrow. Tomorrow may hold the answers for today’s questions.







2 responses to “Insomnia

    • Thank you so much. I’ve since managed a few nights sleep, still waking and checking. I just don’t know for what. I hope you get some peaceful sleep soon.


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