Before I continue…

I would like to point out that I am not any kind of writer. I’ve not written anything longer than a postcard since Secondary School. So, I am asking you to bear with me whilst I find my blogging feet (and I’m sure I’ve a pair of shoes that’ll fit perfectly too!)

I also must warn you that I don’t try and do funny as according to my best friend ‘Belle, you’re just not funny’. Mean! So I called him ugly. Just not to his face. That’s how we Irish do it. We let you walk away and crush your tiny beating heart behind your back, without you knowing it. He just doesn’t know that. Bless. I may not be funny but he sure as hell isn’t clever.

I seem to have these bursts of Blog-spiration but I never happen to be near a computer to write them all down. Does anyone else handwrite their blogs before typing? I’m seriously considering it.


One response to “Before I continue…

  1. Whenever I have a blog idea and can’t access the computer I make a note in my phone or on a notebook in my bag. Sometimes they gush straight out into the blog, other times they start off in Word and are copied over. Sometimes I have nothing to say so pictures tell a lot of words, sometimes too much to say …. most of us aren’t experts at it, we just write because we want to share…

    Just be you.. you have a lovely way with words and your photos capture moments beautifully.


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